Your Five a Day

Your Five a Day

Why eat Five a day?

Studies have determined an inextricable link between ill health and poor diet, as long ago as 1991 the world health organisation took the proactive stance of recommending that we all at least five fruit and vegetables per day which translates as a minimum intake of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day, (or 5 portions equaling 80g) yet still we sometimes struggle to incorporate the ” Five A Day ” into our eating habits.

Five  A Day Health Benefits 

Fruit and vegetables are bursting with the goodness of beneficial vitamins and minerals to optimise a healthy diet and lifestyle.It is said that ‘ You are what you eat is plenty of fruit and vegetables you can expect to benefit by having improved energy levels, elevated moods, healthier hair and skin, a strengthened immune system and better overall health.With such a positively abundant and glorious list of benefits, how could you not want to get straight into the five a day habit? What other possible way could you become more intelligent, more energetic and more attractive without the help of surgery, caffeine or plain old fashioned witchcraft?

Some may perhaps feel that incorporating five portions of fruits and vegetables into a regular daily diet is a bit of a tall order or may not actually know exactly what to do. So what do we need to do to a achieve five a day? We understand that it’s important to eat five  a day in order to stay healthy, but it seems to be a bit of social mystery as to exactly what constitutes a portion  and what indeed counts, (i.e. is it fresh produce only?). Consequently, its more than likely that this uncertainty contributes to the issues of not eating enough of what we need.

So What Counts?

Whether you eat your fruit and vegetables fresh, frozen, cooked, juiced , smoothied, pureed, dried or tunned they all count! Which means that we don’t have to spend copious amounts of money one fresh produce only. The Uk Department of Health estimates a portion of fruit at around 80g of fruit or vegetable.


Examples of what counts as 1 portion of your five a day

One piece of medium sized fruit (80g) e.g. apple, peach, pear, orange

One large slice of fruit e.g. pineapple or melon

2 plums, kiwifruit or similar sized fruit

Aside salad (80g)

One heaped tablespoon of dried fruit

A couple of handfuls of berry fruits (80g)

80g portion of vegetables e.g. peas, carrots, broccoli or cabbage

200g tin of fruit

Any amount of 100% fresh puree juice ( once a day )

Any amount of beans or pulses ( once a day )


Want to eat healthy this would definitely be the grocery store for it





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