Your Five a Day

Your Five a Day

Why eat Five a day?

Studies have determined an inextricable link between ill health and poor diet, as long ago as 1991 the world health organisation took the proactive stance of recommending that we all at least five fruit and vegetables per day which translates as a minimum intake of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day, (or 5 portions equaling 80g) yet still we sometimes struggle to incorporate the ” Five A Day ” into our eating habits.

Five  A Day Health Benefits 

Fruit and vegetables are bursting with the goodness of beneficial vitamins and minerals to optimise a healthy diet and lifestyle.It is said that ‘ You are what you eat is plenty of fruit and vegetables you can expect to benefit by having improved energy levels, elevated moods, healthier hair and skin, a strengthened immune system and better overall health.With such a positively abundant and glorious list of benefits, how could you not want to get straight into the five a day habit? What other possible way could you become more intelligent, more energetic and more attractive without the help of surgery, caffeine or plain old fashioned witchcraft?

Some may perhaps feel that incorporating five portions of fruits and vegetables into a regular daily diet is a bit of a tall order or may not actually know exactly what to do. So what do we need to do to a achieve five a day? We understand that it’s important to eat five  a day in order to stay healthy, but it seems to be a bit of social mystery as to exactly what constitutes a portion  and what indeed counts, (i.e. is it fresh produce only?). Consequently, its more than likely that this uncertainty contributes to the issues of not eating enough of what we need.

So What Counts?

Whether you eat your fruit and vegetables fresh, frozen, cooked, juiced , smoothied, pureed, dried or tunned they all count! Which means that we don’t have to spend copious amounts of money one fresh produce only. The Uk Department of Health estimates a portion of fruit at around 80g of fruit or vegetable.


Examples of what counts as 1 portion of your five a day

One piece of medium sized fruit (80g) e.g. apple, peach, pear, orange

One large slice of fruit e.g. pineapple or melon

2 plums, kiwifruit or similar sized fruit

Aside salad (80g)

One heaped tablespoon of dried fruit

A couple of handfuls of berry fruits (80g)

80g portion of vegetables e.g. peas, carrots, broccoli or cabbage

200g tin of fruit

Any amount of 100% fresh puree juice ( once a day )

Any amount of beans or pulses ( once a day )


Want to eat healthy this would definitely be the grocery store for it





The Perfect Sunglasses for You

The perfect Sunglasses for You

With summer just around the corner for some depending where you living summer has already arrived,

and the one vital fashion accessories you definitely need to survive the summer and look extra cool are the perfect sunglasses.

here are just a few we picked for you to try and help what face fits you best

Heart Shaped Face

Aviator style works for almost anyone, meaning you must have these. It’s for all you fashion it girls out there.

Nina Ricci

Round Face Shaped

Proenza Schouler

Oval Shaped Faced

Square Shaped Face

tumblr_ngqxb6QArF1s05vyto1_1280     tumblr_nnlw5iPiPn1rrns0oo1_540


Coach – Cat Eye 

Michael Kors – Aviator 

Tom Ford – Rectangle 

Ray Ban – Rectangle 

MIU MIU – Round 

Ralph Lauren – Cat Eye 

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care

Summer is one of the seasonal battles for maintaining good skin care! Summer may not have the harsh cold or winds of the winter, but it does have the pushing heat of the sun at its maximum strength during the summer months.To reduce or avoid the effects of the sun’s harmful rays, here are a few tips.

Using sunscreen product which has a SPF of 15 or above is essential for us all. Allowing yourself to bake in the midday sun, damages and prematurely ages skin as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer. Use a complete sun-block of factor 50 for children. Research indicates that one or more severe sunburns in childhood significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.Check the expiry date on your sunscreen. Sunscreen without an expiry date should not be kept for any longer than 3 years. Always wear a hat in the sun, preferably with a wide brim which will protect your face.

Always wear sunglasses which block 100% of the sun’s UV rays.Most retail outlets sell sunglasses with a sticker showing the percentage of UV protection.These will protect your eyes and also the skin around them which is particularly thin. If you are wearing lightweight or lightly coloured fabrics use sunscreen under your clothing.Research has proven that the sun can penetrate lightweight and lighter coloured fabrics. And if you’re not worried about being too hot, wear darker, tightly woven fabrics as these are much more effective at blocking UV rays.

Drink plenty of water, hot weather increases the risk of dehydration which can be very dangerous if an extreme case. If you are undertaking any form of excersise or other physical activity, have a drink before you start and keep drinking throughout. In addition to the health risks of dehydration your skin will take a hammering if your body is lacking essential water.

The incidence of skin cancer is on the increase and it is believed that many deaths that occur can be prevented via early detection. By taking the time to examine your skin monthly, you will become familiar with what is normal for you and where any blemishes and moles are located.It is useful to note down the dates of self-exams.

Check the entirety of your body,including the feet,between the toes and the whole of your head:including your ears and scalp.Use a mirror for parts of your body that are hard to see and make sure that the room has good visibility or is well-lit.Whilst you are locking at each area, use your hands to feel over your skin.If you are concerned about anything that you find, regardless of how small and how “silly” you might feel, be sure to make an appointment with your Doctor and get yourself checked out.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips



Eat the Colours of the Rainbow

Whatever we choose to eat, fruit and vegetables should make up about a third of what we consume daily.

With that in mind, variety is definitely the key to keeping your diet healthy and your taste buds tantalised! To get that maximum benefits of your five-a-day diet, think colour!The wider the range of colours the more health benefits you’ll’ reap. The various colours in fruit and vegetables represent differing unique and essential nutrients so the more colours you eat the more vitamins and minerals you’ll ingest.


Fruit/Veg Colour      


e.g. strawberries,tomatoes,

beets,cranberries etc

Examples of Nutritional Content 

Lycopen,Quercetin,Hesperidin and ellagic acid


Lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of some cancers, protect the body from free-radicals.

reduce the risk of some cancers, protect the body from free-radicals.


Fruit/Veg Colour 

Orange /Yellow

e.g. carrots,grapefruits,butternut squash,oranges etc 

Examples of Nutritional Content 

Vitamin C, lycopene,flavonoids,potassium,beta carotene 


Reduce the effects of ageing, lower cholesterol and


blood pressure, fight free- radicals, improve collagen formation

and promote healthy bones and joints.


Fruit/Veg Colour 


e.g. broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, cucumber etc

Examples of Nutritional Content 

Folate,fibre, calcium, beta – carotene, lutein, chlorophyll,vitamin C


Reduce the risk of certain cancers, lower cholesterol & blood pressure,

boosts the immune system, fight free-radicals, maintain retinal vision and health


Fruit/Veg Colour


e.g. bananas, cauliflower,garlic,parsnips,white peaches etc

Examples of Nutritional Content 

EGCG,SDG,lignans and beta – glucans


Boost the immune system, reduce the risk of certain cancers, balance hormone levels


Fruit/Veg Colour 

Blue/ Purple 

e.g. bluebarries,prunes,raisins,eggplant

Examples of Nutritional Content 

Vitamin C, fibre,flavonoids,lutein,zeaxanthin, ellagic,acid,quercetin 


Maintain retinal health, boost the immune system,

improve digestion, assist mineral absorption,

help fight cancer cells, lower cholesterol, anti-inflammatory action.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Festival Season

After a long lasting time Festival Season is finally here- talk about Loco! Can’t believe we are in April already and the big festivals are just around the corner some have already started!

I’ve been trying to find the ideal pieces to take with me to this secret festival because you know its not just about the music anymore, it’s about what you bring to the party! With Spring arriving summer is just around the corner and lots of summer dresses come to mind.I am going out to a very secret festival in a few weeks and getting my bags packed early. Every year you learn new things one needs to make a festival “look”  superior. To get into the spirit of festival season I looked everywhere online to fine what I liked and here are some pieces I put together for you.This year I am going all in for my bohemian look, with lots of different colours to mix and match.

I am super excited for the festival season this year not because of my outfits also the  line up is amazing and all of the pool parties are going to be so much fun. If you were amongst the lucky ones to get your hands on tickets this year, I am sure you are as excited as I am. What are you guys wearing this festival season? What is your favourite piece for the festival of your choice? What kind of street style are you looking forward too? and last but not least who are you looking forth to play? Bellow you have all the links to all the beautiful pieces you might be interested in. Happy shopping.

Festival Season

Festival Season

Steve Madden Villano Fringe Gladiator Flat Sandals  One Piece Wonder Neckless  Purple/Pink Shades Wildfox  White Dungarees Topshop  Delux Sunglasses Flat Gold Sandals  Arcona Suncream  Multi Colour Fringed Top  Marc Jacobs Nail Polish  Fringed Trimmed Suede Shoulder Bag  Bangles  Primark Green Crop Top Revolve Silver Shorts  Moshino Swimwear Monsoon Summer Hat Sheinside Black Jumpsuit  Whistles Finge Flats  J Crew Chevron Tassel Earrings  Primark Crochet Flouncekini Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray