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Having a little bit of stress in our lives isn’t a negative thing: small amounts of stress serve to mobilise our bodies providing us with the necessary energy and verve to take us through the process of coping with challenges. However, having too much stress in our lives can lead to a wide range of health problems including, upset stomach, headaches, depression, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and even conditions as serious heart disease or strokes. Stress is a normal part of life and as such we can worsen the symptoms of stress by giving ourselves a hard time for even feeling them in the first place.

So first and foremost, be easy on your self- self- criticism will only expend unnecessary energy and make an already stressful time harder to deal with.

Stress relieving tips ( uni starts and this is how to cope with stress)

Be kind to yourself, do something relaxing that you enjoy on a regular basis, such as taking a scenic walk or treating yourself to a candlelit bath whilst listening to your favorite playlist.




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