These Boots were Made for Walking

These boots were made for walking how did the song go Oh never mind.

It is amazing how versatile the bohemian look can be. I knew I had to do a lot of walking  to do all around London, and wanted a street style that looked great and would keep looking good all day long.

This look was fun and easy to achieve, to a bright red floral print gypsy skirt, I added a black leather jacket and a pair of great looking comfortable brown leather cowboy boots. Topped off with a trusty pair of the Lennon sunglasses. I also added a brown vintage leather bag to finish up this updated bohemian look.

The lovely floral skirt has a high slit that made it easy to walk. Liked the effect of how this maxi skirt flutters around my boots. The leather jacket kept me warm, as the weather is still not as snug.

By the end of the day, I was still looking good, not like I had just spent a whole day walking.

Ps. try this look it’s pretty  easy to achieve and pretty dame hard to get it wrong trust me on that. The hippier you look the better  just keep on adding to the look obviously theres a limit however you will know when to stop (I hope so anyway)  just remember have fun with it. The more the merrier. Get festival ready as much as you can get practicing what goes and what doesn’t.Music concerts , festival season , night’s out, summer is approaching. Get Coachella ready  from now!!!!


These boots are made for walking is a song and a movie however cowboy boots an these in particular are perfect to walk in .Cowboy boots are mostly used by cowboys in ranches but that's all changed in the fashion industry

These Boots were Made for Walking

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I was wearing:

Leather Jacket -Vintage

Top – Bloggers Own

Long Skirt – Pink similar here

Vest –  My Moms

Cowboy Boots – Flee Market

Handbag – Vintage

Shades – Flee Market

Jewellery – Bloggers Own

Photo by: Risal Khan

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