The Bold and the Beautiful

the_bold_and_the_beautifulMy not so secret guilty pleasure is The Bold and The Beautiful, an American soap opera airing on CBS since 1987.

Follow the story of the Forresters, a rich family owning one of the most glamorous fashion houses in the world. Meet Brooke Logan, the so-called “Slut from the Valley” who married each and every Forrester man in town (well apart from her children). Follow her lifelong rivalry with Stephanie, the matriarch of the family, who is determined to keep Brooke away from her husband and sons, especially her favorite Ridge.

Through the years the show had entertaining storylines and till today is one of favorite soap operas around the world.

Here’s a list of my favorite storylines (click on the titles to watch the videos)

Stephanie_vs_BrookeStephanie vs Brooke

The longtime rivarly between Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan has been the centre of many entertaining storylines, which saw both women winners and losers in different occasions. In the most recent years, when Brooke supported Stephanie through her cancer, the two developed a lovely relationship that culminated in Stephanie dying in Brooke’s arms, leaving her in tears for losing her friend.


BrookDeacon_Sharpe_and_Brooke_Logane and Deacon

By far, this is my favorite. While Deacon was married to Bridget, Brooke’s daughter, he fell in love with his mother in law and started a forbidden relationship with her. This culminated with Brooke getting pregnant and having to hide the child’s paternity to the world by marrying Whip, an executive at Forrester’s. Eventually, the relationship was discovered starting a feud between mother and daughter (and obviously involving Stephanie).




maxresdefaultThe Fashion wars and the Brooke’s Bedroom Line

Either Spectra vs Forrester, JackieM vs Forrester or Forrester vs Forrester the soap opera offered an incredible number of fashion battles on the runway. My favorites are usually the ones involving Spectra, as she was the kind of woman who didn’t stop at nothing to reach her goal. And about the Brooke’s Bedroom Line? Katherine Kelly Lang (who played the character) really can wear a piece of lingerie like nobody else.



Jackie and Owen

Maybe not the most longtime couple, I always loved Jackie and Owen for the honesty of their relationship. The two have faced the huge age gap (Owen is younger than Jackie’s son) and the scandal created with a smile. Not without any trouble, especially caused by Owen wanting to be a father and Jackie being too old to get pregnant(Eventually Owen slept with Jackie’s daughter in law Bridget and got her pregnant) the two are still standing strong together.

And let’s be honest, Jackie is one of the sexiest women on the show and she deserve a man at that level.





Maya was Myron

I was never a big fan of Maya, since her introduction, I found her character quite annoying and she found a long time to find her place inside the soap (Is she a crazy girl? Is she a sweetheart? Is she a golddigger?). Since the introduction of her younger sister Nicole, Maya has become the central character of an important storyline: she is really a transgender woman who has hidden her identity to everyone in her life. From a soap opera lacking LGBT characters (weird enough since it’s about a fashion house), making a central character such as Maya transgender gain the favor of the audience and gained a GLAAD Nomination in 2015.



Steffy ForresterSteffy Forrester

The daughter of Ridge and Taylor has been the main character of many storylines in the last few years that is so hard to count. She is as strong as her grandmother and namesake but passionate but as passionate as her stepmother to make her the perfect protagonist for the most recent storylines. Her role in the triangle with Liam Spencer and Hope Logan was the center of the show for a couple of years and until today, she is still the both the romantic heroine and troublemaker of the show. And her own lingerie line called Intimates was hot enough to rival Brooke’s, also her stepmother.



Ridge and BrookeRidge and Brooke

How can you not mention the super couple of the show? Ridge and Brooke have gone through several marriages, they have been lovers and enemies, slept with each other’s siblings and children but they are still standing as one of the most iconic couples in daytime.

Unfortunately in the recent years, after Ridge was recast with a different actor, the two of them seem the be done as a couple, but I really hope that sooner or later they will find their way to each other (or, at least, make them enemies once again).




But the best scene is probably the one when Sheila Carter shot Brooke and Taylor, leaving the psychiatrist cold dead (not for long, Taylor is known for her resurrections). It is a great example of how good this guilty pleasure can be.

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Article Written by Maurizio Boatto

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