Yellow Fever at LFW

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Here is “The Post” you all been longing for. Am sorry it’s taken so long for this article to be up on the blog.Instead  of coming up with reason’s why I haven’t posted. I will just jump into the story as if LFW16 was just yesterday.

There is fashion rage brewing this week with the end of London Fashion Week where designers, models, fashion geeks, journalist and style bloggers were captured in street style. Out of all, the dress that captured maximum limelight in the fashion week was this yellow jumpsuit. The reason behind myriad column debates on it is all due to the fact that it impeccably fits well with the season’s leading fashion trend, thereby, it is reckoned to be an off-the-rack purchase of spring 2016.

The best thing about the London Fashion Week was that, bright hues are not out, rather pop of color is in with a twisted touch. I injected yellow color to my jumpsuit along with my proceeding specifically subtle lips, a ponytail, necklace, and bracelet while accentuating all with a hi-tech smartphone, funky shades, gladiator heeled sandals, colour bomb jacket and my dog. My whole look was venerated and proved that jumpsuit is back in fashion and this time I added a bang to it. Keeping all this in mind, you can choose  a stylish jumpsuit to your closet no matter if you are in your sweet 16 or naughty 30s. You can go ahead, here’s the green signal.
Keeping all this aside, there were many stylists present at the 62th edition of LFW that has moved to Brewer Street in the heart of Soho. Many celebrities were also captured in jumpsuits especially Alexa Chung who shows off her svelte frame in plunging jumpsuit while enjoying the stylish sights.

My whole look was incredible as everyone wanted to have a click with me and above all, next day my whole look was spotted at many fashion blogs/sites which means that yellow color along with my stylish jumpsuit was the most amazing one as I was passionate about it.( most amazing piece i ever wore)

From big fashion stylist to all the leading brands, we have seen them all showcasing it all on the catwalks. So, why not try it? Best part is that jumpsuit in yellow color looks urbane, classy and stylish to acquire that street stopper look in one go. While wrapping up, I can say that if you want to inject some other color to the dress you can hold a jacket with loads of color like I did!

Last but not least I want to thank you all my lovers for the continuous love, support and for following me and sharing my work with others.

I Love You All


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I Was Wearing:

Christian Louboutin – Gladiator Stilletoes

Self Made – Jumpsuit

Vintage – Jacket

Sunglasses – H&M

LFW Day 1 -Stardusting In A Ziggy Coat

As David Bowie said, “I’m an instant star, just add water and stir”. Instant stars of fashion they were, as On/Off Presented style after style of designers touted to be the ‘next big thing! I sat gloating in my Nicola Bacchilega ‘Ziggy Coat’, an olive brown ensemble with patterned lapels and ornate pink purple with blue fringes. This coat was like a time machine. I felt like I could be the one and only Bowie. I was transfixed, as the three designers -Robert Wun, Jayne Pierson and Kevin Geddes- unveiled ten looks each, in lieu with Punk Diversity as was the Event’s theme. Not an eyelid batted as models sashayed down to the live sound of Baby Strange, upping the Punk quotient. Friends for years, Johnny Madden, Connaire McCann, Aidan McCann formed the Punk Band Baby Strange in Scotland, with a will to win the nation. An exclusive mannequin display titled Tomorrow’s Talent was also a segment of the On/Off event for London Fashion Week 2016. Chosen from Artsthread, this select group of fashioners included Chloe Johnson, Diana Law, Anouk Van Klaveren and a few lucky others. Congratulations were galore after the successful show as On/Off celebrated the promising talent of tomorrow. I went back, happy as a clam, strutting my stuff, clicking heels, flipping hair and humming “Ziggy played guitar….! 

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I Was Wearing: 

Coat: Nicola Bacchilega

Flared Pants: Nicola Bacchilega

Mesh Top: Lina Matluma

Choker: Lina Matluma

Handbag: Alberta Feretti

Oversized Coat

It is always a nostalgic feeling recollecting the times that brought so much fun and happiness to my life. Just a few days back, based on an invite I got from a Friend, I was privileged to meet two Movie Stars that had been my idols right from my teenage years. It was not a big occasion but it left so many sweet memories. The interior decor at Somerset House was befitting for Royalty. I wore my beige suit with an Oversized Coat. I was looking chic and my inspiration came from the street style glamor that makes even the cynic observer to turn to your devout admirer.

The Evening drew on and I could not help but notice the sublime fashion taste of everyone at the event. There were different designs, hue and sizes that matched the various Skin tones and Body shape. There was so much to eat and drink and I left knowing that I had fully enjoyed my stay at the event.

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Beige Suit – similar here 

Loafers – similar here

Turtleneck – similar here

Hermes Birkin Bag 

DVF Sunglasses 

Photos By : Risal Khan

LFW Day 1 – Eudon Choi

It’s difficult to believe that Eudon Choi was first trained in men’s fashion design. Eudon Choi’s 2015 Collection that was presented in this week’s show at London Fashion Week effortlessly feminine and sultry. It is often difficult to translate heavy fabrics and items that are traditionally male in design such as trench coats as something lady like and elegant but Choi shows us his true stylistic genius by making all of his winter styles look light weight and graceful. Choi’s ability to turn classic or vintage designs into an outfit that looks futuristic is second to none. There are not many designers that could have a model wearing a bulky poncho scarf walking down the runway and it looking completely modern and elegant. Choi dabbles in different eras staple pieces but with his keen eye for details and futuristic sense of what looks beautiful he continues to please his audiences and this year’s show at London Fashion Week did not disappoint.

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