Bruno Candles Got Me Darling

Who doesn’t love scented candles? They have the ability to transform a space from meh to magnificent in just a few moments. But who knew that ordinary candles can increase the amount of C02 in the atmosphere, or that they weren’t healthy for humans or animals? This is one reason why soy candles have become so popular and explains why Bruno choose to make their candles with soy wax. I was delighted to receive my gift from Bruno which came beautifully packaged and even contained an inspirational message! Mine said ‘Do good and all good things will happen to you.’ How gorgeous! The beauty of the scent was also very welcome, and would certainly brighten up any day. A scent is such a powerful reminder of happy times and there is nothing like being transported back to fabulous holidays that one has taken. Buy yours here because I believe everyone should have a Bruno candle for their bedroom, it would make the world a happier place!

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Bruno Candles

Bruno Candles

Bruno Candles

Moonwalking in Seira Elves

I for one, absolutely love wearing clothes items which I know are handmade. Seira Elves manufactures handmade shoes since 2011. Their footwear is very stylish and innovative, and the company takes pride in the quality of the products.

One of their most distinctive footwear designs I really like are the Whitney Loafers. You can see how I am blending them in a perfectly stylish way, Michael Jackson moonwalking style.

As you can see, the Whitney Loafers allow me to uniquely combine style and comfort of wearing perfectly comfortable and good looking footwear. I just feel free to put my Whitney loafers on whether I am going to work, or possibly on a romantic date. They make it so easy for me to achieve a very chic, fun look thanks to the great looking tassels on the front of the shoe, suitable for almost every occasion.

Seira Elves uses PU Synthetic Leather for their footwear products. They are manmade and perfectly capable of mimicking the genuine leather feel and they are so soft to walk in that it can only be great when you are living in a big city. You may have also seen these beauties in Vogue and Glamour magazine.

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I was wearing:
 Seira Elves – Whitney Loafers 
Jbrand – Jeans
Miilou – Tule
Primark – Turtle Neck
Vintage – Fringe Jacket
James & Friends – Clutch

Dua Lipa Heaven on Earth

Well, a few nights ago me and some of my friends had a wonderful experience heading out to Heaven nightclub in London. I wore my favorite pair of jeans and a pink silk top that I recently made together with a leather biker jacket. The choker designed by me and will soon be available for sale. So stay tuned guys…the best is yet to come.

We had no idea the absolute sonic euphoria that was about to hit our ears. Dua Lipa the up and coming dark pop performer was slated to perform. If you haven’t heard her beautiful music check it out. She is soon to release her debut album later this year and is currently on tour. It’s rare in this day and age to see a performer who sounds better live than on a recording with all the glitz and magic used in the studios, but she certainly fit the bill. If you get the chance I highly recommend you catch her on tour before she absolutely blows up! and we know she will!

Without further ado. Here is what you all have been waiting for. Dua Lipa Live video by me.

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IMG_0560 IMG_0564 IMG_0594

DuaLipa4 DuaLipa10

DuaLipa6 DuaLipa5 DuaLipa3

Jaded Skirt for LFW 2016

To think I was almost going to be late for this fashion show is un understatement. But in this case, I was fashionably late. Yes.I repeat I was fashionably late.Not because I didn’t want to be the first one to arrive except taking big steps in this beautiful pencil skirt was close to impossible. Even though I was close to the venue I didn’t trust myself to walk there. So I did the next logical thing. I decided if I was going to be there on time I would have to pull the skirt way up, walk out to the main street and hail a cab. For a moment there I thought I was in one of those old fashion movies. I showed off one of my legs as you do and hailed myself a cab. It worked! I arrived just in time to catch all the chaos that goes on backstage and interviewed a few designers. Phew !

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

Attending London Fashion Week is always a special experience and there is always that extra adrenaline when I’m there to back up my friend and designer Nicola Bacchilega. This time, I got the chance to hang out backstage for Oxford Fashion Show and eye the show from the front row. For this particular fashion show, I went for some color, with my jade pencil skirt, and combined it with a subtle transparent blouse. As the blouse gives a girly, somewhat ethereal look, I decided to turn things around and topped it all with a massive oversized leather jacket that screamed boy style. Mind you, the jacket is as heavy as it looks. And the leather texture complements the softness of the skirt in the best way, lending the edginess to my look. In order to compensate for showing this much skin, I styled this outfit with a choker and was good to go. Black velvet if you please.

LFW Backstage 2016


LFW 2016 Backstage


LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

LFW 2016 Backstage

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I Was Wearing:

Nicola Bacchilega – Leather Bomber

Miilou – Nude Mesh Top

Nicola Bacchilega – Green Pencil Skirt

Nicola Bacchilega – Choker – in coleberation with me/Miilou

Stuart Weitzman – High Knee Boots

That Skirt Though

Ciao Chicks!

The quaint beauty of London tends to bring out my love for fashion, especially classics, even more so! On this particular day I was feeling flirty and in the mood for some fun, hence my choice of a 70s look (find out more off 70s looks on my latest post). Rocking a white off-shoulder top with a cute detail on the front and wide billowing sleeves to counter London heat, I paired it with a suede pleated brown skirt.

Oh, What I did to find that perfect skirt I wanted all summer long. I checked every shop that ever existed, browsed every online shop I could think of, only to find this dream skirt hiding all along in the back of my own closet. The skirt was missing something those cute little front buttons I craved but never the less I found it and I didn’t have to look far.

You know what they say, sometimes the things we truly want are staring us in the eye. I paired the skirt with my comfy brown strappy sandals with a bit of a heel that I have had since forever and ever. Am a big believer that everything comes back in style so I tend to save/recycle call it what you want, it doesn’t change the fact that once upon a time I was super excited with this purchase, eventually everything you own becomes vintage and I love me some vintage.

let’s not forget an old piece of clothing or a smell of perfume takes us back in time, like a time machine. Don’t you agree? we have all been there.  I must say, love and love! Nothing transforms an outfit better than a cute bag and I completed 70s look with this beige number that I am absolutely in love with all thanks to my best friend Celia got for me for my birthday! It is not only edgy and cool but also really convenient as it is big enough to fit my daily essentials without being bulky or looking tacky. Finally, I opted for minimal jewellery and decided to keep my hair down, simply parted at the front, for an interestingly windswept look and because the look flattered my outfit (win, win).

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That Skirt Though That Skirt Though That Skirt Though That Skirt Though

I Was Wearing:

Sandals – Cube

Top – Phard

Skirt – Vintage

Bag – Asos