Interview with Intervista Shqip

Hi my lovelies, here is the interview I had with an Albanian online interview platform. I had to translate this from Albanian to English so be nice 🙂 and bare with me

here goes. Link is above if you speak Albanian 😛 if not heres the next best thing. translated especially for you in English.

For how long have you been involved in fashion?

I’ve always loved fashion. Even when I didn’t know what fashion really was. I remember when I was just a little girl I used to love watching my mom dress up. She loved her jewels and it seemed she knew exactly what to pair with her wardrobe. To me she was the real Grace Kelly. As for the question, professionally, I’ve been doing fashion for the past five years : styling private clients, some friends and at university I would dress the whole cast for theatre plays.

Lina, what is your signature style?

I’m a bit of a tomboy, always have been, I grew up with two brothers and the majority of my relatives were all men so you get the drift. I remember my dad used to give me extra pocket money with the hopes of me wearing a dress. That never worked, however I always kept the money. As for my signature style, my love for accessories and jeans would be my trademark though not always easy to find jewels that fit my wrist.

Is style something you’re born with, or something you learn ?

I think style is something you have, grow up with, like a natural gift. Style isn’t fashion, fashion is the idea of “in today/out tomorrow”. Style is something very personal. You either have it or you don’t, it’s about individuality and awkwardness, because imperfection is real and I’m a big fan of weird. Sure, you can learn a few trick here and there, but for those who don’t you always play it safe and stick to only one style and never experiment (we all get it wrong, even professionals). So go crazy, risk it. However that’s the beauty of my blog : I try and help my readers through Miilou with what to wear and how to wear it. It’s there to give you little tips, ideas and for some it’s an inspiration board to get that much-needed fashion fix.

How important are colours when it comes to putting on an outfit?

Colour has a lot of meaning when putting together an outfit. Lighter colours remind us of summer /spring and darker colours remind us of winter/ fall. However it all depends on the season. In the 60s pretty much everything matched : wardrobe, shoes, handbag and sometimes even the interior in the house matched. I guess it all depends on the job you have as well as how much colour you’re allowed to wear or if you even love colour, though my advice is try not to stick with only one colour. I know it can be tough, but don’t always play it safe : it gets boring, live a little. However, you should always have at least a few coloured items of clothing in your closet to mix and match just in case you change your mind.

What’s your message on how a teenager  should dress up as well as youthful younger looking lady and a much older women?
I can’t really say what a young, older and much older women should wear, it’s not as black and white as that. So I guess my message to all women out there would be that if you’re a older (grandma) you got to dress appropriate, don’t show so much cleavage, stay classy/elegant and look your age. As for teenagers, well you should experiment and wear whatever you like to wear but remember girls : being naked is not sexy. As for  those young-looking ladies, hmm I guess you can get away with some outfits that may not be age-appropriate, if you look younger than you are and got swag, I say do it. The fashion police will let it slip this time. Plus, 40 is the new 20, so you’ll be okay.

How much do you follow the big fashion events?

I am always following fashion, it’s a never ending battle. If I could I’d try and attend all fashion weeks and fashion events but timing isn’t always on my side. I’ve attended LFW a few times because that’s where I live. So far, I have attended LFW, NYFW and PFW. However, I am always chasing the new it designer and at the moment my favourite designer has to be Ulyana Sergeenko Couture. I just love everything about those dresses, they are just perfection and oh so dreamy.

What are your plans in the near future?

I plan on designing my own capsule collection. A small capsule collection of everything that has inspired me through the years, a collection that screams street style fun meets haute couture.

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Intervista Shqip – Interview with  Lina Matluma   <—- ( in English )

Interview with Intervista Shqip

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