To Plane to Minimal – Shirt

To Plane To Minimal – Shirt

Hello my lovelies,

Where shall I start!? My mornings have been busy and days busier, but, here I am! Again ! just to gear you up with all those fashion trends which are cooler and easier to follow. One thing we must admit that there are many who have been endowed with looks but fail miserably to carry it out. This sets celebrities apart from us, they know what to wear and when. In the pursuit of making your lives more stylish, I was in search of a designer who was more practical in his approach and had a thing for functional and modular clothing. And I found “Smart”. Smart is his name and so is he. He owns a brand called ‘ To Plane ‘and most of his pieces are Unisex. I must confess that when it comes to his profession, smart is very much ethical. I found all of his designs interesting, but I will be sharing with you the one which fascinated me the most. You have often been confused in choosing the OOTD when it comes to going on a date on a hot day. Opt for a shirt dress. It not only just adds to your oomph level but is also very comfortable. Chose your favorite color and flaunt your style. You can also choose a basic striped shirt dress, if that’s your style. Mine is white. I paired mine up with an ivory colored Panama hat, remember the sun? Nobody wants to go on a date empty handed and carry all that stuff you will need in the rest room to brush your face up, a handbag is a must. And for that, YSL is the what is the brand to look out for. Have we finished discussing all the things? No, wait! A shirt dress leaves those legs bare, exposing your sandals to attention. I wore my Isabel Marant for this look, but you can wear tennis shoes as well its okay to be different in fact I encourage you to. The beauty about To Plane is there’s room to add flair to your ensemble or just keep it as is Plane and Simple.

After spending some time chatting away until I made Mr. Smart, feel comfortable enough to play my game, I decided to do what I do best and ask him a few cheeky questions. to see what’s the first thing, that pops in his head.

The game goes a little bit like this: Smart Urhiofe (To Plane – Designer)

Q: my style is …
A: always simple, practical and clean.
Q: next stop is…
A: to finish launching the label and leave the UK.
Q: best part about my job is…
A: I govern my own time, style and creativity.
Q: if you weren’t a designer what would you rather be…
A: I would be an artist. I like painting while naked.
Q: best style decade was…
A: when people made things for a purpose and felt comfortable with themselves.
Q: nothing comes between me and my…
Q: women are sexiest in…
A: clothes that aren’t so revealing. I like the mystery, the surprise.
Q: I would never wear…
A: shiny tacky stuff.
Q: summer 2015 is…
A: one hell of a roller coaster ride.
Before we say our farewells ill let you in on a secret ‘To plane’ has an Exhibition coming up soon and I can not wait to see his new collection. Make sure to check him out on Instagram and his site to get your hands on the latest trends from To Plane. 
  To Plane to minimal - shirt To Plane to minimal - shirt To Plane to minimal - shirt To Plane to minimal - shirt To Plane to minimal - shirt To Plane to minimal - shirt

I was wearing:

Shirt Dress – To Plane

Sandals – Isabel Marant (similar – here )

Hat – Jigsaw

Handbag – YSL Vintage

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