Feeling Royal In White

It’s a beautiful Spring day in London. The sun is bright and my mood even brighter. I finally decided to see the popular, well photographed Pastel townhouses in Chelsea after all they are just around the corner from mine. The pastel colored buildings feel like something from a fairy tale. Standing here in front of them, I feel as if anything is possible. I could pretend that they are my palaces and I am the queen. Yes, I like that idea. My outfit befits royalty and looks great against the brightly painted townhouses. Looking very chic, I am wearing my Chanel graffiti backpack, my white Converse sneakers, my new white Spring blazer and my white crochet top. At this moment, I feel that anything is possible. I close my eyes and imagine that I am a white rose in a field of colorful poppies. What a magical feeling! I hope these pictures truly reflect the beauty of these buildings and the magic of the day.


IMG_7928 copy IMG_7904 copy IMG_7924 IMG_8063 IMG_7920 IMG_7983 IMG_7976 IMG_7940 IMG_7903 IMG_7930 copy IMG_7988 IMG_7913 IMG_8029 IMG_7985


Zoe Karssen – Jeans

H&M – Coat

Misguided – Blazer

Crochet Top – Blogger Own

Converse – Shoes

Chanel backpack

Alberta Ferretti -Handbag

Essential Skin Care Tips


To loosen blackheads for easier removal, mix equal parts of baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently onto skin foe 2to 3 minutes.Rinse off with warm water.

Boost Your Circulation 

Energise your skin, as well as your body and mind and get yourself moving! Sluggish circulation can affect how your skin looks, worsening bloating and puffiness, cellulite,acne,loss of muscle tone and paleness. Exercise opens up blood vessels to make skin look healthy and youthful. Taking regular cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow to the skin which in turn assists the production of collagen.

So become more active,walk jog,workout, go to the gym, take a class, even do stretches at work.As well as promoting good circulation physical exertion also helps us de-stress.which is good for our overall health.


Regularly replace your cosmetics and cosmetic brushes and sponges, including the sponge in your compact.Generally cosmetics don’t have a shelf life of much longer than 6 months to a year, so no matter how tempted you are to hold on to that favourite mascara, renew your makeup regularly.

Drink Lots Of Water 

Water hydrates our bodies and purifies our insides, aiding the elimination process which will show through in how our skin looks. So remember your 8 glasses per day! Although, take care not drink too much fluid 2-3 hours before going to bed as this may contribute to morning puffiness.

Spring Is Here

The last vestiges of winter have me(and you all) yearning for spring.

For let’s face it we all want to dump our jeans and grab the shorts and tiny skirts! However, today I looked out of my window and the beauty of dawn coupled with the fluffy snow made me want to pay a tribute to the fast disappearing fall- in style! So I wanted an outfit that allow me to enjoy the cold wintry air kissing my skin and the breathtaking sight of the snow adorning the streets. I settled on this long grey coat. There is something about long coats; They can transform your outfit into a classic look or a modern look lending it the chic sophisticated air that makes you feel Olivia Popey. That the coat is warm and comfortable is a plus! I have paired my coat with black ripped jeans that make me feel Springy, for nothing says “Spring” like a show of some skin. To take a way my guilt(I feel as though I am betraying my Winter tribute with the jeans), I wore snow white crisp maison martin marigiela sneakers that feel heavenly to my feet and are adding a spring to my walk! But nothing beats the red heart shaped sunglasses I received a few days ago and have been dying to try out. The cute red cupid-shaped frames of these sunnys add a splash of color to my outfit and make me feel gorgeous and confident enough to go tackle the day’s crisis. Win!

Spring Is Here

Spring Is Here

IMG_7625_mini IMG_7566_mini IMG_7568_mini IMG_7642_mini IMG_7631_mini IMG_7637_mini IMG_7644_mini IMG_7641_mini IMG_7601_mini

Topshop Ripped Jeans
Maison Martin Marigiela Sneakers (similar here)
Zara Long Coat (similar here)
Vintage Gucci Clutch
Black Scarf Dolce Gabbana (similar here)
Moschino Sunglasses (similar here , here)


Photos By: Risal Khan