Original Stitch

Fella’s… Ever had that problem of finding the perfect shirt for you? Is the colour not exactly what you want? Is the Collar a little too big? Or is it just the simple fact that it doesn’t fit right? Well I have the perfect solution for you!

During my morning coffee and Facebook check I came across a fantastic and very exciting new site. Original Stitch is a brilliant service which allows the customer to build their own dress shirt to their exact requirements. From choosing your own colour, size, fabric and even the size of your collar or positioning of the pocket this superb sites offers it all.

When I buy a shirt I want it to fit perfectly but finding the ‘ideal shirt’ is often very tricky. When it fits well on my body but is too short in the arm it often leaves me frustrated and more often than not I just leave it and stick to my trusty favourite shirt (which is in need of replacement ASAP).

With prices at a very reasonable level and a very good team of helpers on hand at any time, I find it hard to fault these guys at all. They offer everything I need for buying myself a perfect shirt. I can’t wait to log on and get started…

P.s. Don’t miss out on their great offers. Every new customer will receive a $20 gift card, for a limited time only. Hurry!

Original Stitch 

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