Moonwalking in Seira Elves

I for one, absolutely love wearing clothes items which I know are handmade. Seira Elves manufactures handmade shoes since 2011. Their footwear is very stylish and innovative, and the company takes pride in the quality of the products.

One of their most distinctive footwear designs I really like are the Whitney Loafers. You can see how I am blending them in a perfectly stylish way, Michael Jackson moonwalking style.

As you can see, the Whitney Loafers allow me to uniquely combine style and comfort of wearing perfectly comfortable and good looking footwear. I just feel free to put my Whitney loafers on whether I am going to work, or possibly on a romantic date. They make it so easy for me to achieve a very chic, fun look thanks to the great looking tassels on the front of the shoe, suitable for almost every occasion.

Seira Elves uses PU Synthetic Leather for their footwear products. They are manmade and perfectly capable of mimicking the genuine leather feel and they are so soft to walk in that it can only be great when you are living in a big city. You may have also seen these beauties in Vogue and Glamour magazine.

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I was wearing:
 Seira Elves – Whitney Loafers 
Jbrand – Jeans
Miilou – Tule
Primark – Turtle Neck
Vintage – Fringe Jacket
James & Friends – Clutch

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