Luf Life or Love Life?

Packing for a vacation can be one of the biggest headaches when it comes to preparation. Every year I tell myself I will not take so many clothes and every year I still overdo it! That means I generally have problems fitting in everything else I need, such as toiletries, bikinis, and towels. And so I was delighted to discover LufLife handmade towels which are compact as well as being chic and original.

It seemed perfect synergy to take them with me when I travel, on the plane to keep you warm at the beach or at the gym. The most interesting thing, the history behind the company had also caught at my heartstrings. I love the idea of handmade, artisanal items which are made in traditional ways and companies which employ local people and LufLife utilises both of these.

Just imagine reclining with a Sultan from the Ottoman dynasty, draped in one of these 100% cotton handmade towels – well this is how long they have been around. You get history, tradition and quality all rolled into one!

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