LFW Day 1 -Stardusting In A Ziggy Coat

As David Bowie said, “I’m an instant star, just add water and stir”. Instant stars of fashion they were, as On/Off Presented style after style of designers touted to be the ‘next big thing! I sat gloating in my Nicola Bacchilega ‘Ziggy Coat’, an olive brown ensemble with patterned lapels and ornate pink purple with blue fringes. This coat was like a time machine. I felt like I could be the one and only Bowie. I was transfixed, as the three designers -Robert Wun, Jayne Pierson and Kevin Geddes- unveiled ten looks each, in lieu with Punk Diversity as was the Event’s theme. Not an eyelid batted as models sashayed down to the live sound of Baby Strange, upping the Punk quotient. Friends for years, Johnny Madden, Connaire McCann, Aidan McCann formed the Punk Band Baby Strange in Scotland, with a will to win the nation. An exclusive mannequin display titled Tomorrow’s Talent was also a segment of the On/Off event for London Fashion Week 2016. Chosen from Artsthread, this select group of fashioners included Chloe Johnson, Diana Law, Anouk Van Klaveren and a few lucky others. Congratulations were galore after the successful show as On/Off celebrated the promising talent of tomorrow. I went back, happy as a clam, strutting my stuff, clicking heels, flipping hair and humming “Ziggy played guitar….! 

ok876 Ziggy Ziggy Coat ok6 Ziggy Coat ok1 ok7 Ziggy

I Was Wearing: 

Coat: Nicola Bacchilega

Flared Pants: Nicola Bacchilega

Mesh Top: Lina Matluma

Choker: Lina Matluma

Handbag: Alberta Feretti

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