LFW Day 1 – Eudon Choi

It’s difficult to believe that Eudon Choi was first trained in men’s fashion design. Eudon Choi’s 2015 Collection that was presented in this week’s show at London Fashion Week effortlessly feminine and sultry. It is often difficult to translate heavy fabrics and items that are traditionally male in design such as trench coats as something lady like and elegant but Choi shows us his true stylistic genius by making all of his winter styles look light weight and graceful. Choi’s ability to turn classic or vintage designs into an outfit that looks futuristic is second to none. There are not many designers that could have a model wearing a bulky poncho scarf walking down the runway and it looking completely modern and elegant. Choi dabbles in different eras staple pieces but with his keen eye for details and futuristic sense of what looks beautiful he continues to please his audiences and this year’s show at London Fashion Week did not disappoint.

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