Just Winston

Ever been to a black tie event and noticed that all the women get to dress in fun, fancy and colourful outfits, whilst all the men congregate in a corner looking like a huddle of penguins? Well finally I have the solution… It’s time to break away from that huddle and start your own following.

On a recent shoot I was introduced to the guys behind ‘Just Winston’, a fantastic new shirt company designing some of the best shirts I’ve ever seen. Basing their concept on an old trend during the 80’s the ‘Just Winston’ boys are reviving the idea and bringing fun, jazzy and outrageously colourful shirts back to life.

Turn up to each event looking like that ‘normal’ guy which no one really talks about and wind up leaving being at the top of everyone’s agenda for having one of the best shirts there. I have no doubt that this new clothing brand is going to be a huge success and I look forward to watching them grow. Click on all the clicks to show your support and be one of the first to turn up and make a scene.


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