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Grace Kelly!

Grace Kelly is the rare beauty of all beauties. I grew up admiring the ultimately, timeless best dressed fashionable being in the world. She’s an icon a true beauty and grace after all she’s not named Grace for nothing. She’s where the word class was born. Those white gloves the elegant goddess and quite frankly sexual romantic. I mean just look at her! I wanted to share with you, my most favourite photos and dedicate this Inspiration of the Week to my Mom, my rock! she truly is my Grace Kelly and thank her for supporting me in everything that I do. For being the strong woman that she is, for loving me unconditionally.I am so lucky.

Grace of Monaco is the latest movie released about Grace Kelly’s life if you have not seen it you should definitely check it out. Nicole Kidman plays her in the movie. If you ask me they could not have picked anyone better. Now go buy that DVD and watch it, here is the trailer for it. Go get a little taste of her life, see that elegance, beauty and grace that I keep mentioning and most important of all her exquisite taste of fashion.

The most admired qualities about Grace, besides her amazing taste in fashion, has to be the fact that she fought for women’s rights she was a true  feminist, even though she didn’t break free to do whatever she wanted to do after taking her role as The Princess of Monaco as she was forbidden to act from her husband The Prince of Monaco Rainier, hence why she tried and believed in helping women and probably  because she was bored doing other Princes duties that were mandatory.This was her only escape from it all she was in control, she was the one that was steering the wheel. Her best role in her career was yet to be discovered it was paramount to any other role she had ever played in her acting career, becoming a mother. It is said that only then she finally felt like Monaco became her home sweet home and started to adapt to her new lifestyle.

Grace Kelly once said: “I am basically a feminist. I believe women can do anything they decide to”.

also another quote by Grace ” There is nothing sexier than a strong, smart educated and independent women”.


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  1. Celia
    May 25, 2015 / 5:55 pm

    She was soooo stylish and elegant. For me the most beautiful actress ever

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