How to Pack for any Kind of Holiday

Thursday last week I and Simeon attended an Eileen Fisher Event at the Kings Road branch. It was an evening of shopping and fizz with an exclusive 15% off in-store offer. What more could you ask for?

Featured by Red Magazine Eileen Fisher is an American Clothing brand that was founded in 1984. The simplicity of the designs is elegant and chic. Inspired by countries like India and Malaysia. Eileen Fisher makes clothing from organic linen which is very good for the environment and hand painted garments which means that each one is unique. No one else will have the same item as you.

There are a few stores right here in London.The Kings Road Branch where the event took place looked absolutely amazing. They have used the space to showcase and display their clothes very well. The store was bright, clean and inviting. They have two floors. The second floor is available to be booked by local communities and charity organisations. Speaking to the staff member we found out that they like to help where they can such as letting others use their space, supporting Environmental and Human Rights, Donating money that goes towards helping worldly issues from climate change to human trafficking and selling carrier bag were 100% of the proceedings goes towards charity. They also set up their very own business woman and woman in leadership grant programs.


One of the main focus’ for the event was the workshop.

‘How to pack for any kind of holiday’

I found this workshop fun and inspirational. I’m always looking for new creative ways to pack for my holidays so it was nice to get tips from someone else’s point of view. Sometimes you just don’t have a clue what or how to pack, especially if you’re travelling to a country that has just as an unpredictable weather change as we do here in London. You want to be prepared for anything.

The top three tips for packing are:

  1. Pack light.

That doesn’t necessarily mean pack only your vital necessities but literally to pack light. Garments and cover-ups with a soft flowy texture. Items that you can wear if it’s breezy out but can easily take off if it’s not. For example a kaftan or a long white shirt that you could put a waist belt around, roll your sleeves up a little, pop your collar and have a jacket.

  1. Colour Coordination

The simpler your colours are the better. Pack things that will go with anything. That way you can mix and match your whole way through the holiday creating a different look each time you go out. Examples of colours: White, Soft Yellow, Black, Pastel Pink, and Pale Blue. These examples are a great focus for an outfit. All you have to do is make sure it compliments your skin tone. You don’t need a lot of colours either, keep it simple. Stick to no more than two or three colours per outfit.

  1. Accessorize!

Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize. If you’re going for a simple look you going to want to jazz it up with some jewellery pieces. We all know that a statement earring or necklace can make an outfit so get creative. Also another good thing about this tip is that jewellery is so easy to pack for a holiday because it takes up so little space. So don’t hold back!


If you haven’t visited an Eileen Fisher store yet then I suggest you do so, or check out their website


Written by: SimeonSimms

I was wearing:

Vintage – Jumpsuit

Zara – Leopard Boots

Gucci – Clutch

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