Grandma (2015)

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Meet Elle, an elderly woman who is a proud feminist and is not able to keep her mouth shut even if it puts her in awkward positions. And meet Sage, her teenager granddaughter, who has inherited her independent spirit but who still need to grow into her own persona. Spend the day with them and you will learn how a simple story about a grandma and her grandchild on the way to get some money for an abortion can take you to a journey into feminism, motherhood and above all, the importance of Love.

Love is the main protagonist of the movie. We deal with a Grandma loving her granddaughter,  an ex husband loving is ex wife and his lost unborn son, young love between teenagers, friends love and above all this the love that will never fade even after death. The character of Violet is barely seen through pictures, but she is mentioned so much that her name becomes a character itself, making you imagine how “She” really was in person, not only through her loved ones’ memories.

Also it is really interesting how the film has numerous LGBT characters but at the same time it doesn’t deal directly with any LGBT issue, but at the same time it can be considered an LGBT movie.  Elle’s story could have been exactly the same either if she was a lesbian or not, and this in my opinion is the ultimate goal for equality in cinema: your character can be either straight, gay or with any other sexual orientation but he is still a character that anyone can relate to and love.

If you are looking for a simple but highly entertaining story, make sure you check this out.


WritteGrandma 2015 Postern and Directed by Paul Weitz

Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Laverne Cox

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Article Written by Maurizio Boatto

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