Denim on Denim

Hello my lovelies !

Denim on Denim is the new fashion trend it’s back on the fashion map and its not going anywhere. Have you noticed or is it just me everyone who’s anyone is wearing them that’s just goes to say denim is here to stay.

The most important factors about denim is that you don’t need to wash them as often,they don’t crease no need to iron them which saves you a lot of time and hassle especially if your anything like me I hate to iron Phew… that’s a big relief.Denim is easy to wear and always looks cool without you even trying. Now days you have all kinds of jeans: skinny jeans,straight jeans,super skinny jeans, flared jeans , bootcut have I left any other type of jean out!? oh yes ! boyfriend jeans are my absolute favourite like the ones from Current Elliot are just fabulous.

The trick with denim is that you can style them with anything depending what look you want for the day. Knowing how to make a look , look casual or  super chic is the best thing about denim.Denim gives you confidence and confidence is everything, don’t you think ?

You could wear the most amazing outfit ever but if your not comfortable wearing an outfit the outfit is wearing you instead the other way around and lets face it it’s not a pretty look.The word “jean” comes from the French word Genoa in Italian Genes that’s where the first denim trousers were made. Back in the 18th century denim jeans were mostly used/worn by farmers  it sure goes to say that times have changed and farmers are not the only people wearing them. Now days celebs wear them on a night out on various social engagements, other snazzy places we all wish we could go to ourself or join them if possible. Here are some of my favourite pieces that I thought you may enjoy and help you put a few outfits together.


Skirt with front slit

Denim skirt with front slit

Ripped jeans on the knee

Ripped jeans on the knee

Ripped shorts

Denim shorts

Denim Jacket and Chanel Brooch

Denim Jacket and Chanel Brooch

ripped skinny jeans

Ripped skinny jeans

I was wearing :

Levis – Boyfriend Jeans

H&M – White Tee

Balenciaga – Boots

Chanel – Grafitti Backpack 

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