Chanel Micky Mouse Earrings & Denim

Before you say anything yes I have been wearing denim quite a lot lately so sue me!

What can I say I love denim and if you haven’t seen/heard Denim is back in vogue and that’s a good thing!? It’s one of the most versatile, casual, and fun style options out there. Of course, with more and more people taking to the streets in denim, the challenge is to make yours stand out. On this afternoon, I was going for a cool tomboy street style but didn’t want to abandon femininity altogether.If you haven’t seen my latest article denim on denim you should definitely check it out.


The solution was to accessorise to add balance. Two essential elements are blended here. There’s some tomboy rebellion going on with the shredded jeans, the highway patches, and the nose-ring; and some cute feminine touches with the Chanel mickey mouse earrings, the very cool strappy wedge heels, the nail polish, and the flowery golden brooches on the jean jacket. While it may seem almost too eclectic for a single outfit, the beauty of denim is that it can serve to balance different elements that in any other outfit might appear to clash. I think of denim as the blank canvas of fashion, allowing limitless opportunities to express your mood and personality through your style and accessories.


The finishing touches were rolling up the jeans up to reveal the beautiful Isabel Marant sandals, which have stones and colours that tie into the denim patches (similarly with the golden flowers pinned on the jacket). The open toed strappy sandals are a great way to express casual summertime freedom (nail polish!) while standing tall, enhancing your silhouette, and lending you a confident strut. Did I mention the adorable Chanel mickey mouse earrings? Innocent, playful, and my favorite!

Chanel Micky Mouse Earrings

image11 m1


I was wearing:

Zara – Jeans

Levis – Jacket

Topshop – Crop Top

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  1. milex
    April 29, 2015 / 2:14 am

  2. Celia
    May 26, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    Amazing outfit, so so cool. And denim definitely suits you!

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