Camo Look

Camo Look

Camo Look

Camo Look

For those out there who think camo look might seem masculine, I shall prove your wrong.

I love this look and let’s face it it looks better on women than it does on man.

This look was designed to conceal, but now more than ever designers are making sure you stand out in the crowd.

For as long as I can remember I loved camouflage print thought it made me look cool and tough I still think that, but it’s stylish now as well.  I am all for street style and  looking cool.

Here is what I wore and if I may add I look rather effortlessly cool/chic.

In case you guys are wondering is she wearing anything underneath? yes, yes I am.

I am wearing Levis shorts.

Hope this post was helpful let me know what you think?

Happy MoNDAY and remember you are fabulous



Camo Look




Zara – Camo Jacket (here & here)

Kurt Krueger – Boots (here)

Celine – Handbag Vintage

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