‘Miilou is a daily destination for all you fashion nomads to get that much-needed fix and exclusive access into my world of what influences me the most.’

Swedish born Lina Matluma travelled the world as she grew up, exploring different cultures and witnessing their different styles.
After realising that studying Accounting in Newcastle wasn’t for her, Lina moved to London where she studied Acting & Film. Drawn to styles throughout history and on screen, Lina takes her inspiration from classic and modern looks.

Having always been creative, with an eye for colour Lina likes expressing herself through visuals. Like the characters in the Movies she studied, she loves to experiment, changing weekly/ daily, to create and explore a unique look.

As an Art Director and Stylist Lina explores her own style, influenced by her Scandinavian roots she adds a unique twist to her own outfits and others.
Growing up with her designer Grandmother and Mother’s beautiful style, Lina spent her early years searching through their wardrobes, inspired by their looks. This love of hunting for those perfect pieces is still in practice today, as Lina can be found in Vintage and thrift stores.
Not only does she love finding those perfect vintage outfits she also wears her own creations, making Miilou more than just a platform for sharing fashion, but also her very own brand.

Fashion has lead Lina across the globe, from Cannes Film Festival 2017 to Londons Fashion Week Best Dressed 2016.

Lina Matluma
Founder and Art Director


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