A Day At The Office

What a lovely sunny day, though it was a bit windy. The pictures were taken in my office, it is an absolutely fabulous looking place to work in.
Though jeans are usually associated with a more casual look, a plain pair white jeans can easily be combined with different outfits to create a great look. In this case, the pure white with the navy blue creates a really chic monochromatic look.
When you combine a simple pair of white jeans with a chic white shirt and top that up with an empire waist navy blue jumper, you get a really great office look that is stylish yet still moderately casual.
The terrace with the wind playing up a little and the sun out creates a wonderful backdrop for this outfit. It really brings out the contrast between the white and navy blue. In the picture with the British flag maybe a red scarf would almost make this outfit match the colours of the flag.


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Ralph Lauren Jumper

Ralph Lauren White Shirt

Page White Jeans

Aldo Loafers

Photos by: John Jean

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