70s Show is Back but This Time in Our Closets

70s, 70s and even more of the 70s.

This is what seems to be everywhere on social media.As you’ve probably noticed from numerous amounts of Tumblr and Instagram accounts, recently there has been more, and more acceptance in social norms than ever before. Since this has occurred within our society, lately our generation has been compared to the exact generation that grew up in the 70s; this is due to the fact that both our generation and hippies from forty-five years ago created a difference in civilization’s social standards. Yet, both of these generations did this in different ways and we focused on two separate issues. Years ago, the current issue that was mainly focused on being fixed was racial justice, and now it’s LGBT rights. When taking a look at our own culture today versus what it was like forty-five years ago, much is the same and much is different just like our clothing choices. So I’ve picked out a few pieces that I thought matched up with the 70s and some of today’s fashion finds!

Look Nr 1
Beret – Topshop
Denim Top – Zara
Color-block Skirt – Zara
Platform Shoes– Zara

70s Show is Back but This Time in Our Closets

Look Nr 2
Head Piece – Urban Outfitters
Red Top – Topshop
Black Skirt – Topshop
Black Ankle Boots – Urban Outfitters
Look Nr 3
Ankle Boots – Urban Outfitters
Black Top – Urban Outfitters
Color-block Skirt – Topshop


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  1. Celia
    September 20, 2015 / 5:08 pm

    Thanks for the post, i love 70’s fashion so it’s all good news!!!

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