10 Minutes Beauty Makeover

10 minutes beauty makeover!

If you’re constantly battling with time and have no space to commit to a lengthy beauty regime,this may be just what you need . These 10 minutes beauty makeover, shortcuts are great for a busy lifestyle,optimising precious spare time whilst making you look and feel a million dollars.

10 Minutes Beauty Makeover 

Avoid morning mayhem with these easy to follow tips for looking your best.

1.Cleanse and moisture

There are a myriad of products and recommended cleansing routine available. But if you’re streched for time. Invest in a gentle cleansing bar or foaming cleanser, and indulge in an old-fashioned wash with warm water.

There are plenty of soaps and foaming cleansers formulated to be kinder to skin and respect your skin’s natural acidity.

This is a quick easy and less messy alternative to creams and lotions.They’re also easy to rinse off and final splash of cold water will bring colour to your cheeks,firm your skin and act as a refreshing wake-up. Message in your usual brand of moisturiser to hydrate and soften your skin.


A hint of colour on the cheeks gives your face a healthy glow first thing in the morning.

smile in the mirror and apply your blush to the apple of your cheek, sweeping it back towards the cartilage nub in your ear.

Applied too low blusher will make your face look wider.


Our eyes are the first thing that people notice about us,and this is certainly true first thing in the morning when we’re regaining wakefulness after a full night’s sleep.

Once you’ve washed and moisturised, a light coating of mascara on the upper lashes will open the eye up and make your look more awake.

There are great lengthening products on the market if you want to achieve a long,fuller lash look.


In the morning, using a slightly damp toothbrush, very lightly scrub your lips to remove and dry flakes.This will also stimulate the circulation giving you a rosy,warm looking lips. Add a little lip salve to moisten your lips.


For mid to long hair, if you’re pressed for time you can pull it back into a classy ponytail or with clips. Use a non-stick hairspray to a tame fly-away hair.


To finish off, use a body spray or a little perfume. Something light and fresh, you don’t want to overpower  anyone!


It’s rare that we can get up,look at our skin and be completely happy with what we see in front of us. Most of us have something that we want to cover up or disguise, whether it be blemishes,spots,broken capillaries or dark circles. Rather than cover the whole of your face with foundation, just touch up any area of concern with a foundation that best suits your skin tone. If you’re in a particular rush, you could try mixing your moisturiser with your foundation-saving you having to put on two products. Either that or invest in a tinted moisturiser.

Hope you liked the 10 minutes beauty makeover. Let me know your thoughts and what works best for you or if you have anything else you use tell me we at miilou.com love to hear about please comment below.

10 minutes beauty makeover

10 minutes beauty makeover


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